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Babylock Unity


Your sewing and embroidery journeys become one with the Baby Lock Unity. A sizeable, 7" x 12" embroidery hoop opens the door to larger embroidery designs. Plus, numerous innovative features powered by Baby Lock IQ Technology™ further enhance your creative journey.

Precision-dedicated, IQ powered features, such as the Digital Dual-Feed System and the Sensor Pen make sewing and embroidery easier. Effortlessly blend your love of sewing and embroidery with the Baby Lock Unity.

Model #BLTY



  • Baby Lock IQ Technology Color LCD Touch Screen

    Clearly see the details of your designs, quickly set the correct stitch, and change your machine settings on the large, color LCD. This screen measures 7” diagonally and displays up to 260,000 colors so you will know what your designs and stitches really look like before you sew.

    Baby Lock IQ Technology Digital Dual-Feed System

    The new Digital Dual-Feed System makes it easy to achieve consistent stitches. Whether feeding a difficult fabric or multiple, thick layers the Digital Dual-Feed System will keep the fabric feeding evenly for complete control.

    Baby Lock IQ Technology Guide Beam for Sewing

    Pave your stitching path with a beam of light. The Guide Beam makes continuous stitching easy to keep straight.

    Needle Beam for Embroidery

    Baby Lock IQ Technology Needle Beam for Embroidery

    The Needle Beam highlights the exact needle position on the fabric to ensure perfect design placement.

    Sensor Pen for Sewing

    Baby Lock IQ Technology Sensor Pen for Sewing

    Tell the machine exactly where you want the needle and stitches aligned. A quick touch by the Sensor Pen designates stitch width, placement and a stopping point on the fabric.

    Sensor Pen for Embroidery

    Baby Lock IQ Technology Sensor Pen for Embroidery

    Use the Sensor Pen to assign the design positioning and placement. Simply touch the fabric with the Sensor Pen and the Unity knows where to place the design.
    Quick-Set, Top-Loading Bobbin

    Quick-Set, Top-Loading Bobbin

    The top-loading bobbin case lets you focus on your sewing. It's jam-proof. The quick-set bobbin puts the thread right where you need it.
    Push Buttons and Large Workspace

    Push Buttons and Large Workspace

    Convenient push-button features give you more freedom to focus on your project. Raise and lower the needle or presser foot, cut threads, reinforce stitches and thread your needle with the push of a button. Pair this with a large workspace (11.25” to the right of the needle) and you’ll be ready for projects of all sizes.
    NeverMiss™ Automatic Needle Threader
    The NeverMiss™ Automatic Needle Thread does exactly what it promises. It's never been this fast or easy - the Unity threads your needle with little more than the push of a button.
    Ergonomic, Hands-free Presser Foot Lift

    Ergonomic, Hands-free Presser Foot Lift

    Raise the presser foot by simply moving the attachable lever with your knee. This leaves both of your hands free for extra control on detailed stitches.
    Baby Lock IQ Technology™

    Baby Lock IQ Technology™

    Baby Lock IQ Technology is what makes Baby Lock machines so smart and efficient. IQ Technology works with the "brain" of your machine to help achieve exactly what you desire.